Understanding of sustainable development goals: The case for Yarmouk University Science students in Jordan


  • Farouq Alomari Yarmouk University
  • Abdullah Khataybeh Yarmouk University




Sustainable Development Goals, Understanding, Education for Sustainability, University students, Higher education


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) became a global thought and the responsibility of their implementation reset on governments, institutions and even individuals, so that, it is necessary to assess the level of people's understanding of these goals in order to support any subsequent measures related to its implementation, When the university students understand the scope of SDGs, they can contribute to support, encourage, and achieve the development. This study aimed at assessing the level of understanding on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among university students at scientific colleges in Yarmouk University, Jordan. Data for this research are collected by electronic test, its validity and reliability was verified. The research sample consisted of 362 male and female students. This research analyzes data by using descriptive statistics and Four-Way ANOVA. The results show that scientific students’ understanding of SDGs was low, with an average of (11.09) degrees and a percentage (44.36%), and there were no significant differences for collage type, gender, year of study and their academic grade. This research recommend Universities to focus on SDGs in the educational process by studying elective courses for university students that focus on the importance of the sustainable development goals and how to achieve them.


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