Adaptation of Online Privacy Concern Scale into Turkish culture


  • Turgay Alakurt Dumlupinar University



The purpose of this study was to adapt "Online Privacy Concern Scale" developed by Buchanan, Paine, Joinson and Reips (2007) to Turkish culture. The original version of the scale was composed of 16 items gathered under a one-factor structure. During the translation process, expert opinions were taken for the language validity. The scale was pre-administered to 40 participants to pursue linguistic equality. To determine the validity and reliability evidence of the scale, it was administered to two separate groups consisting of adult Internet users. In order to examine and confirm the scale structure, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses (EFA and CFA) were conducted. After eliminating two items, EFA showed that the scale had a three-factor structure (email usage, online trust and online payment) in Turkish culture. The Cronbach's Alpha internal consistency of the whole scale was .89. In addition, CFA verified the three-factor solution. The results of the current study confirmed that the Turkish version of the scale is a valid and reliable measurement tool for the assessment of online privacy concern of adult Internet users.


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Alakurt, T. (2017). Adaptation of Online Privacy Concern Scale into Turkish culture. Pegem Journal of Education and Instruction, 7(4), 611–636.