A multi-perspective analysis of free dress code at high schools


  • Seher Kapucu Ministry of Education
  • Ferudun Sezgin Gazi University




The purpose of this study is, through a multi-perspective approach, to analyze free dress code at high schools from the views of students, teachers, parents and school administrators. In this qualitative research, maximum variation and criterion sampling methods were used to select participants. Data were collected through semi-structured interview forms, which were developed separately for each study group. Interviews were conducted face'to-face on an individual basis. The participants consisted of 28 students, 23 teachers, 19 parents and 9 school administrators. Data were audio-taped, and notes were taken during the meetings. Data were analyzed descriptively most of the participants stated that the main purpose of free dress code at high schools was to make students move around comfortably. Although most of students were likely to support free dress code, most of the other participants tended to support the school uniform. Free dress code was perceived as an economic burden by many participants, and it was described as a threat against school safety and discipline. It was recommended that issues on school dress code policies should be comprehensively and sensitively considered from multiple perspectives.


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Kapucu, S., & Sezgin, F. (2015). A multi-perspective analysis of free dress code at high schools. Pegem Journal of Education and Instruction, 5(5), 681–704. https://doi.org/10.14527/pegegog.2015.037